Calgary Cancer Centre


What's the latest?

After breaking ground in October 2017, the construction of the Calgary Cancer Centre is underway. Behind the construction fence that says ‘Building Hope’, there is a large hole that reaches 5 stories below ground. With the digging almost complete, the next steps are pouring the foundation and the erection of four 300 ft tower cranes. At the same time, facility design continues and the project team is working closely with staff, experts and Patient & Family Advisors to design areas within.

What is it?

The new Calgary Cancer Centre (CCC) will be a world-class health care facility and academic centre for the provision of cancer services in Southern Alberta. The CCC will be constructed at the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) site on the current parking Lot 7. This location is best suited to integrate cancer care with current key programs and services at the FMC site. Construction of the CCC began in fall 2017 with the new facility completed and operational in 2023.

Developed in Partnership with: Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Health, and Alberta Health Services.

Watch the Progress (images update every 30 minutes):

What will it do?

The CCC will increase cancer care capacity in southern Alberta by consolidating and expanding existing services in the Calgary Zone to support integrated and comprehensive cancer care. As outlined in the Provincial Cancer Strategy and the Calgary Cancer Service Plan, the CCC is planned to meet clinical, academic and research needs as a full, comprehensive cancer facility. The CCC will support and deliver an interdisciplinary and integrated care philosophy which accommodates research, education and patient and family centered care, and improve patient outcomes.

The CCC is already into the initial planning stages. Construction is scheduled to begin in fall of 2017 and the centre is expected to open by 2023.

Updates and Further Information:

When will it happen?

  • Ground-breaking: Late 2017
  • Project construction: Late 2017 - 2023
  • Operational commissioning AHS: 2022-2023
  • Public opening (anticipated):2023