Partnerships and Services

There are many organizations in Alberta that support, coordinate, and provide services related to comprehensive school health. Learn about what each organization offers and how they can you help you create a healthier school community

  • Alberta Partners In Comprehensive School Health
    This document summarizes the roles of each Alberta partner and how they support healthy school communities. You can also visit the links below to learn more about each organization.
  • Alberta Health Services
    Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff members support school health promotion in all areas of the province. In partnership with schools and school jurisdictions, AHS uses a comprehensive school health approach to improve healthy eating, active living, mental health, oral health, injuries and use of tobacco, alcohol and other substances. Contact us to find a staff member who can support you in building a healthy school community.
  • Ever Active Schools
    Ever Active Schools supports healthy school communities through multiple strategies, including: professional learning opportunities, conferences and events, knowledge exchange, and educational tools and resources. They also offer a program that guides schools through the comprehensive school health approach.
  • APPLE Schools
    The Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE Schools) is a research project focused on defining effective practices for building healthy school communities. Their website includes many resources that schools can use to create healthier environments for learning.
  • Be Fit For Life
    Be Fit For Life helps school communities to implement various physical activity opportunities through professional development, student workshops, and parent/community workshops/ resources. Be Fit For Life also provides resources to support Daily Physical Activity, Physical Education classes, and after school activity programs.
  • Health and Physical Education Council
    The Health and Physical Education Council provides leadership in creating healthy active school communities by offering regional workshops to support professional growth and development, organizing an annual HPEC conference, and sharing information to support health and physical education programs.
  • Alberta Healthy School Communities Wellness Fund
    The Wellness Fund provides funding and guidance to schools and school jurisdictions who demonstrate readiness to move ahead with comprehensive school health initiatives. Their website also houses many success stories and resources—such as the Developing Healthy School Communities Handbook (Manuel Développement de Communautés Scolaires en Santé) — that support the development of healthy school communities.
  • Alberta Coalition for Healthy School Communities Consensus Statement for Healthy School Communities
    Created in 1990, the Alberta Coalition for Healthy School Communities (ACHSC) was a registered non-profit society representing a network of individuals and organizations committed to promoting and fostering healthy school communities through a Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach.  The coalition’s vision was to support and inform government planning, provincial organizations, and school communities to understand the correlation between health and learning.   In 2015, Board Members determined that the mandate of ACHSC had been achieved as CSH was now embedded into the mandate of multiple Alberta organizations. In 2014, the Board developed the following consensus statement endorsed by multiple provincial organizations, demonstrating the widespread commitment to CSH in Alberta.


Provincial Teacher Resource List
This list includes both resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom and resources for teachers about specific health topics.

Healthy Children and Healthy Teens Newsletters
These newsletters are targeted at parents of both elementary students and junior/senior high students (available in English and French).

Healthy Schools Calendar
These calendars highlight a wide range of health promotion events and funding opportunities for schools.

Webinar for Teachers
This short webinar is a guided tour of our webpage and highlights several resources.

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