Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (moreOB) Program

As part of our commitment to Quality Assurance, Patient Safety and Multidisciplinary Education, the Lois Hole Hospital for Women participates in the Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (moreOB) Program.

The moreOB program is a comprehensive performance improvement program that creates a culture of patient safety in obstetrical units.

Founded on high reliability organization principles, the moreOB Program integrates professional practice standards and guidelines with current and evolving safety concepts, principles and tools.

The program creates, builds and sustains a working environment where professional autonomous silos, organizational hierarchy, communication gaps and uncoordinated teamwork are eliminated. This increased communication and teamwork has also had a direct result on the quality of life of caregivers. Participating hospitals indicate that it has:

  • Improved outcomes and reduced harm to mothers and babies
  • Decreased liability incurred costs and average cost per claim
  • Improved standardization and consistency of care practices
  • Improved and sustained patient safety culture
  • Increased core clinical knowledge for participants in all hospital care levels
  • Created an environment where participants wanted to stay engaged

To learn more visit the moreOB website.