The Servier Virtual Cardiac Centre is an advanced visualization lab for cardiac imaging. We use high performance computers and advanced technology to depict the heart in 3D.

About Us

Servier Virtual Cardiac Centre is a multidisciplinary research lab dedicated to improving:

  • the reconstruction of imaging of the heart
  • the viewing of 3D images of the heart
  • the understanding that doctors and patients gain from imaging the heart
  • the medical decision making process for diseases of the heart by using advanced technology to predict surgical and interventional outcomes

We are sponsored by a grant from Servier Canada.

We are a multidisciplinary environment, allowing cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, engineers, computing scientists, and mathematicians to collaborate together.

Our Vision

Medical imaging should enable us to first see heart disease and then act, not act and then see.

  • We believe that physicians should be able to see a patient’s disease well enough to plan surgery or intervention ahead of time.
  • Patients should also be able to see better so they can understand their disease and the planned surgery.

We image the heart in 3D, so we should be able to see the heart in 3D.

  • Doctors look at images of the heart on a regular 2D screen.
  • Our viewing system will show the heart beating in 3D, so it will be much more lifelike. This will make diagnosis of complicated conditions simpler.
  • Doctors will be able to plan operations and other procedures more effectively ahead of time.