Research & Studies

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

Research groups at the University of Alberta

EPICORE (Epidemiology Co-ordinating and Research Centre)

Eight researchers contribute to clinical trials and health outcomes research. They are involved in many single and multi-centre trials in cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Research Group

Twenty six researchers study the prevention, treatment and cure of both heart and vascular diseases.

VIGOUR (Virtual Co-ordinating Centre for Global Collaborative Cardiovascular Research)

The centre leads and participates in national and international cardiovascular clinical trials. Its mission is to enhance worldwide cardiovascular health by creating, implementing and disseminating novel strategies through a global collaboration. A recent example is research that showed the use of clotbuster drugs administered by paramedics enroute to hospital can be as effective as angioplasty for heart attack patients.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Program Group on Cardioprotection During and Following Ischemia

Ten researchers identify pathological events that contribute to myocardial-ischemic injury. They also develop new strategies to protect the heart from ischemic injury.

Molecular Biology of Membranes Protein Group

Six scientists study and investigate membrane transporters and their role in cardiovascular disease.

Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids Group

Five researchers study lipids and their role in inherited disorders, blood clotting and atherosclerosis.

Perinatal Research Centre

A major focus is optimal cardiovascular care of the infant and mother.

Cardiovascular Surgery Research Group

Evaluates newer immunosuppressive agents used in both induction and maintenance therapy. The group also studies ventricular assist devices and xenograft transplantation.

Congenital Heart Research Group

Focuses on protecting the heart during surgery through increasing ischemic tolerance and advancing post-operative myocardial infarction.

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Research Area of Excellence, Faculty of Nursing

Researchers focus on the psychosocial, biological and behavioural aspects of coronary heart disease. Faculty members have expertise in evaluating health intervention outcomes, including managing risk factors and care and treatment outcomes. Faculty members receive funding from national granting agencies, including two faculty members who hold CIHR and Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) New Investigator Awards.

Stroke Research Laboratory

Eight researchers work to understand the mechanism that promotes neuronal injury focal and global ischemia.

Centre for Health Promotion Studies (CHPS)

Committed to interdisciplinary and community-based health promotion research and graduate education in health promotion knowledge, theory development, practice and policy. Two professors within CHPS are co-investigators in the TORCH program, a new training and research program preparing outstanding young health care professionals for careers in cardiovascular health.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Group (CRG) Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Studies the acute and chronic effects of exercise training on skeletal muscle function and cardiovascular function and fitness in healthy older individuals and older individuals with underlying cardiovascular disease.

Members of the research group consist of individuals from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (Department of Physical Therapy and the Department of Occupational Therapy), Faculty of Physical Education and the Faculty of Medicine (Division of Cardiology)

There are many other research colleagues in the Health Science Faculties and in new and emerging fields such as the National Institute for Nanotechnology.

Research on other hospitals campuses and in the community

The Royal Alexandra Hospital has a well-established clinical research department involved in numerous clinical trials. Research is encourages and supported at the frontline staff level, with patient outcomes research and the used of evidence-based protocols pivotal to the focus.

The Grey Nuns and Misericordia Community Hospitals also conduct research focused on particular areas of interest. Alberta Health Services participates in research as it aligns with particular interests within each Zone.

Research focus on population health priorities

Established in 2000, Population Health Priorities is developing effective ways to implement and evaluate population health action that improves health and use of health system resources. Alberta Health Services has identified prevention priorities that include (but are not limited to) heart disease, stroke, diabetes, injury prevention, healthy aging and prevention of low birth weight.