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CMO Forum Podcasts

Medical Staff

CMO Forum is a podcast for physicians about physicians.


E10: Our People Survey

Our People Survey conducted across the organization in fall of 2016, which was intended to measure both workforce engagement and our patient safety culture. This survey included not only AHS staff, but also volunteers, midwives and physicians as well. In this episode, AHS CMO Dr. Francois Belanger shares some highlights of the survey.

E9: Information Privacy

As physicians, we have access to a great deal of confidential information and we play a huge role in maintaining the privacy of our patients. But are we doing enough to protect that information? Join acting CMO Dr. Francois Belanger and Dr. Rob Hayward, Chief Medical Information Officer, as they answer some frequently asked questions they hear from physicians.

E8: Diagnostic Imaging Peer Review Project

One of the most difficult areas to assess with regard to physician competency is performance in practice. AHS Diagnostic Imaging (DI) has taken on this challenge with their peer review program which is part of their commitment to quality assurance and system improvement. Join Dr. Yiu and guests Dr. Anu Kumar and Marlene Stodgell-O’Grady as they discuss the results of the program.

E7: Physician Leadership

Leadership can mean many different things to different people, but as the healthcare landscape in Alberta continues to evolve, the need for AHS to support and enable our physician leaders becomes even greater. Listen as Dr. Yiu is joined by Dr. Chris Eagle and Graham Dickson to discuss the value leadership can provide.

E6: Cultural Competence & the Aboriginal Health Program

Our province is growing in diversity and as care providers, the way we interact with patients from a culture different than our own can have a big impact on access and quality of care. Join Dr. Yiu, Dr. Alika Lafontaine and Chelsea Crowshoe to learn more about how AHS’s Aboriginal Health Program is addressing cultural issues in health care.

E5: Vascular Risk Reduction Program

Vascular disease affects the lives of more than 300,000 Albertans. There are a variety of programs in Alberta aimed at treating heart disease and stroke, but what are we doing to prevent them from happening in the first place? Tune in with Dr. Yiu as she is joined by Dr. Blair O’Neill and Shelley Valaire to discuss the Vascular Risk Reduction (VRR) Program: a series of SCN-led initiatives taking aim at this issue.

E4: Patient First

Physicians in Alberta are embracing the patient and family centred approach to care. Join Dr. Yiu and guests Dr. Colin DelCastilho and patient advisor Michelle Stasiuk as they discuss the AHS Patient First strategy and what Colin, Michelle and their teams are doing at South Health Campus in Calgary to improve the patient experience.

E3: The Physician Assistant Demonstration Project

A pilot project to integrate Physician Assistants (PAs) into our healthcare teams began last year. What impact has it had on patient care? Dr. Yiu invites Dr. Neil Gibson and PA Paul Haskins onto the show to talk about the project, what physicians and patients are saying, and the future of PAs in Alberta.

E2: Quality Improvement (QI) Fund

How does AHS support physicians and clinical teams improve quality? Join Dr. Yiu and guests Dr. Dawn Hartfield and Dr. Vanessa Maclean to learn more about one of AHS’s most recent quality initiatives aimed at helping clinical teams get their local quality improvement initiatives off the ground.

E1: Introducing the CMO Forum

Dr. Yiu is joined by Associate CMOs, Dr. Rollie Nichol and Dr. Tom Noseworthy to introduce the CMO Forum series and talk about their roles and their passions within AHS and Alberta health care.

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