COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Medical & Midwifery Staff

Medical Staff

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The Immunization of Workers for COVID-19 Policy is now approved and in effect as of Sept. 14, 2021. It requires all employees, medical and midwifery staff, students, volunteers and contracted healthcare providers to be fully immunized for COVID-19 by Oct. 31.

This policy will help our vital frontline healthcare teams who continue to provide incredible care to anyone who needs it and maintain a safe environment for all patients, and anyone who visits or works at our healthcare facilities.

Vaccines are an important tool within a larger system of controls. Our strongest line of defence is the integration of immunization with appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment, hand hygiene, physical distancing and other Infection Prevention and Control measures. Immunization against COVID-19 is the most effective means to prevent its spread, prevent outbreaks in our facilities, preserve our workforce capacity to support the healthcare system, and protect our workers, patients and visitors.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The policy is now posted and sets out worker immunization requirements for COVID-19.
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS), Alberta Precision Labs (APL), Carewest, CapitalCare and Covenant Health will require employees, members of medical and midwifery staffs, students, volunteers, and other persons acting on their behalf to be fully immunized for COVID-19 by Oct. 31 to protect the health and safety of workers, patients and the public.
  • Individuals must receive their second dose of a two-dose vaccine — or the first dose of a single dose vaccine — no later than Oct. 16 to be considered fully immunized by Oct. 31.
  • Workers will need to provide proof of immunization no later than Oct. 16 and AHS, APL and Covenant Health staff will need to complete and submit the updated “Got My COVID-19 Immunization Form” after their final dose. Carewest and CapitalCare will have their own method of collecting immunizations records from their workers.
  • If you are not an AHS, APL or Covenant Health employee and you wish to submit a request for exception under the policy, please review the exception request form and submit to
  • This policy will be reviewed regularly, and at least every six (6) months, to ensure alignment with public health measures and regulations, and health and safety risks are addressed.

COVID-19 immunization appointments can be booked through using the Government of Alberta’s new Alberta Vaccine Booking System.