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AHS responds to PPIC decisions on Kipnes Centre for Veterans issues

July 23, 2015

EDMONTON – Deb Gordon, Vice-President and Chief Health Operations for Northern Alberta, provided the following statement today regarding two Protection for Persons in Care (PPIC) decisions involving three residents at Kipnes Centre for Veterans in Edmonton:

Our thoughts remain with these residents and their families. Nobody should ever be harmed in any of our facilities, or those of a contracted care provider. Residents and their families have the right to high quality, compassionate care; anything else is unacceptable.

We will continue to work closely with CapitalCare to meet the PPIC recommendations and help ensure residents receive the care and treatment they need.

In parallel with CapitalCare’s internal review of the incidents, AHS conducted a quality review and provided required actions to CapitalCare to address identified areas for improvement. As a result, the following actions are taking place at Kipnes Centre for Veterans:

AHS has been in contact with the families concerned since these incidents arose. In addition, AHS has provided on-site support at Kipnes Centre for Veterans for staff and management as they implement the actions and directives. The support will continue until AHS is satisfied the actions have been fully implemented.