AHS encourages Albertans to catch some ZZZs

March 16, 2018

March 16 marks World Sleep Day, highlighting the benefits of sufficient sleep

CALGARY - Today, Alberta Health Services marks World Sleep Day, an internationally recognized event designed to celebrate the benefits of healthy sleep and draw attention to the burden of sleep disorders.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to overall health. People who get good sleep tend to experience lower rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses. Poor sleep can compromise the immune system, along with safety on the road and in the workplace.
Many of us struggle with sleep at times in our lives (for reasons such as shift work, stress, or the arrival of a new baby.
Visit for resources and tips to help sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed.

If you experience persistent sleeping difficulties or have concerns, call Health Link at 811 or consult with your family physician.

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