First and second doses provided at local COVID-19 outreach immunization clinics in Kinuso and Falher

July 26, 2021

KINUSO/FALHER — Alberta Health Services (AHS) encourages anyone over the age of 12 who has not received either a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine to visit the upcoming AHS first and second dose COVID-19 immunization outreach clinics in Kinuso and Falher.

An outreach clinic will be open in Kinuso on July 28 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for both drop-in and booked COVID-19 immunization appointments.

People born in 2009 or earlier who have not had a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine are encouraged to attend the clinic at Kinuso Community Health Services, 40 Centre Street.

A second outreach clinic will open in Falher on August 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for both drop-in and booked COVID-19 immunizations at Falher Community Health Services in the Provincial Building, 309 Main Street.

Both clinics offer walk-in services. Appointments can also be booked by visiting the Immunization Booking page.

Vaccination will help protect you, and others around you, particularly for those aged 17+ who are preparing to return to post-secondary school in the fall and need to include COVID vaccination in their back-to-school preparations.

Those attending the clinic are asked to bring their Alberta Health Care card if they have one, along with photo ID. Youth born between 2004 to 2009 are requested to bring parental consent downloaded from the Alberta Health Services (AHS) website or to provide staff at the clinic with a number to call a parent/guardian to obtain consent if the parent/guardian is unable to accompany them.

You will be required to wear a face mask and use hand sanitizer when attending the site for your immunization. If you are experiencing symptoms, stay home and arrange for COVID-19 testing through or by calling 811.

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