New High Prairie Dialysis Unit to open in February

January 31, 2022

HIGH PRAIRIE – Construction and recruitment is now complete for the new High Prairie Renal Dialysis Unit, offering local and surrounding residents the benefits of receiving this specialized treatment closer to home.

Construction began in February 2021 and was completed on October 13. This was followed by the installation of equipment and furniture, detailed cleaning and extensive testing of the systems and equipment. This ensures everything will be safe and working properly before being used for patient care.

Unit staff are completing specialized dialysis training and the unit will be ready to offer treatment to patients starting February 16, 2022. The unit is expected to be operating at full capacity by February 28. When operational, the six-station dialysis unit will be open three days per week with the ability to treat 12 patients a day, meeting the demand for this service in High Prairie.

High Prairie and area patients will receive dialysis in Slave Lake until the new High Prairie dialysis unit is operational. Slave Lake will continue to offer dialysis to patients in the Slave Lake catchment area.

In February 2019, the Government of Alberta announced it was providing $5.2 million to AHS to build a new dialysis unit in shelled-in space at the High Prairie Health Centre. This decision followed significant engagement with the High Prairie community.

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