Illumination Academy


The Illumination Academy offers teams new methods to tackle complex challenges that inject energy, embrace change, and identify new opportunities for innovation.

By providing design-oriented processes to those at the frontline, teams can generate the necessary solutions to tackle systemic issues.

The Illumination Academy is a five-week program that will teach teams systemic design tools, connect them with design coaches, and provide them with an opportunity to share their solutions with attendees at the i4 conference on November 2, 2023.

Course Outline


To provide tools and encourage intrapreneurship at all levels within healthcare.

This five-week program will cover:

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Understanding your user
  3. Challenge identification & reframing
  4. Ideation and Prototyping
  5. Orient and Next Steps

The Commitment

In five weeks, teams will come together each week for a 1.5-hour education session. During this session, teams will work with the AHS Design Lab, Health Evidence and Innovation and other partners as they dive into the process of design thinking and systemic design. The design coaches will assist teams as they explore the use of new tools.

How to Join

As a Group

Are you in a working group that is looking for new ways to tackle your challenge? Maybe a unit or quality council seeking group education and dedicated time to work on a shared challenge? Join Illumination Academy as a team and be taken through this five-week program where you will focus on a specific challenge and use creative ways of thinking to develop new ways of doing.


Curious about these fantastic tools but don't have a predetermined challenge or team to work with? You're welcome to join as well! We will put you into a group of other individuals to join in the learning as you work through one of the challenges provided.


Application Form

Are you ready to explore new ways of exploring challenges? Apply today, space is limited to 200 people (100 guaranteed spots for AHS staff).

Application Deadline

August 30, 2023

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