Larger space for IV therapy opens in Sherwood Park

December 27, 2023

Clinical space for IV therapy has more than doubled at Strathcona Community Hospital in Sherwood Park.

Clinical space for IV therapy has more than doubled at Strathcona Community Hospital in Sherwood Park. Photo by Evan Isbister.

Patients will be more comfortable, receive care closer to home

Story by Chelsea Blair | Photo by Evan Isbister

SHERWOOD PARK — A newly built space for the IV therapy clinic at Strathcona Community Hospital (STCH) has opened, improving local access for this specialized treatment.

Patients will enjoy more privacy and comfort in the 900-sq.-ft. space — named the Qualico Communities IV Therapy Clinic — which replaces the previous 432-sq.-ft. space at the hospital.

"Overall, it's going to be better for the patients," says Darren Rankin, a Sherwood Park local who's been coming to the clinic for IV therapy treatment for more than four years. "It's more equipped for what they do."

While Rankin's need for IV therapy treatment is coming to an end, he says he's grateful for the clinic's upgrade and believes that accessing healthcare close to home is important. For years, his treatment required him to attend the clinic for 90-minute appointments, Monday to Friday, for two weeks every month. "It's very time consuming. But I live five minutes from the hospital, so it's very convenient."

More than 8,000 IV therapy treatments were provided at STCH last year, and the need for this treatment is expected to grow. IV therapy is a way to give fluids, medicine or blood products directly into the blood stream through a patient's vein. It helps treat health issues such as anemia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease), low blood platelets, infections and dehydration due to hyperemesis (severe vomiting in pregnancy).

For some people living with a chronic illness, IV therapy is their only way to get the medication they need. The clinic at STCH ensures patients are receiving continuity of care and relieves pressure on other IV therapy clinics in Edmonton hospitals.

"The new clinic space is wonderful news for both patients and staff," says Heather Durstling, Executive Director for suburban hospitals in the Edmonton Zone of Alberta Health Services (AHS). "Patients will be more comfortable during their treatments while staying close to home."

AHS is grateful to its philanthropic partners such as the Strathcona Community Hospital Foundation and their donors for their passion, generosity and commitment to advancing patient care in their communities and across the province.

"The new home for the IV therapy clinic is simply great news for our community and will help improve the quality of care for patients," says Ken Lesniak, Board Chair for the Strathcona Community Hospital Foundation. "I'm incredibly grateful to all our generous donors for their support. It speaks volumes to what we can achieve when we work together."

The $1.25-million project was funded by the Government of Alberta and the Strathcona Community Hospital Foundation, which contributed $200,000 toward the space and new medical equipment.