AHS offers resources to help Albertans quit tobacco

January 19, 2024

EDMONTON – National Non-Smoking Week is Jan. 21-27, and Alberta Health Services (AHS) has programs and services to help Albertans stop using commercial tobacco products:  

Quitting is one of the most important things anyone can do improve health and lower the risk of disease. Every year, more than 4,000 Albertans die because of tobacco use, while tens of thousands more Albertans have serious tobacco-related illnesses that greatly affect their quality of life. Tobacco products can cause lung, heart, fertility and other health problems. 

Commercial tobacco use (such as cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco) is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and premature death in Alberta, and increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, oral cancers, chronic lung disease, diabetes and other illnesses. It may take several quit attempts to succeed. 

Albertans ages 50 to 74 who smoke cigarettes, or who’ve quit after smoking for many years, may also be eligible for lung cancer screening. Talk to your primary care provider, call 1-866-727-3926 or visit screeningforlife.ca/lung for more information.

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