AHS programs now under one roof

April 16, 2014

Lethbridge Centre home to many services

Story by Sherri Gallant; Photo by Tara Grindle

A wide array of community health services have been moved under one roof, enabling local residents to meet with multiple care teams without needing to travel.

The Lethbridge Centre, located at 200 4 Ave. S., is now home to several Alberta Health Services (AHS) programs and services, including child and adolescent addiction and mental health, rehabilitation services, audiology and home care.

“It’s invaluable to patients when they can come to one location for so many services, have full accessibility for those with mobility issues, and have available parking,” says Grant Walker, Vice President, Community and Projects in the AHS South Zone.

Other improvements include:

“The project involved consolidating the spaces AHS was leasing, primarily in the Lethbridge Centre tower, to a large vacant space at the west end of the site,” says Walker. “AHS would benefit from enhanced, purpose-built redeveloped space where programs could be together.”

More improvements are planned, he adds.

“A pilot is also underway to provide IV therapy here for clients who previously had to go to the Emergency Department,” Walker says.

Programs and services located at the Lethbridge Centre include: