New family physician now practising in Fairview

February 12, 2015

FAIRVIEW — Local residents have increased access to primary care with the arrival of a newly-recruited family physician now practising in the community.

Dr. Andrew Irianan is a family medicine physician who arrived in Fairview last month. He is providing care at the Fairview Medical Clinic and the Fairview Health Complex, and was recruited through the ongoing efforts of Alberta Health Services (AHS) and its community partners.

“Primary care is an integral part of the health care system. With the arrival of Dr. Irianan, residents and families in the area have more access to the health care services they need,” says Hector Goudreau, MLA for Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley. “His arrival also helps to support the local emergency department and relieve some of the workload from the current medical team.”

Dr. Irianan comes to Fairview from the U.K., where he most recently practised. Prior to that, he worked in a rural setting in his native Nigeria.

“I’m looking forward to practising in a rural setting again,” says Dr. Irianan. “I like rural medicine because it’s a lot of hands-on work and you’re not just writing prescriptions – you have the opportunity to get to know your patients. Since I arrived, everyone has been very supportive. I find this community extremely hospitable and plan to stay for the long term.”

Mayor Gordon MacLeod, who also chairs the North Peace Regional Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee, says Dr. Irianan is a welcome addition to the community.

“He is very outgoing and will be well received by all,” says MacLeod.

Physician recruitment efforts continue for the Fairview area. While there is still work to be done, Dr. Irianan’s arrival is an example of the progress being made.

“The local physician recruitment and retention committee is very engaged and we are fortunate to partner with them,” says Susan Smith, one of the three AHS physician resource planners who are dedicated to identifying and pursuing international and domestic physician recruitment opportunities for AHS North Zone.

The physician resource planners work closely with various community partners and organizations, such as local Health Advisory Councils, the Rural Physician Action Plan, and independent community physician recruitment and retention committees.

“Physician recruitment is not a one-person job,” says Dr. Karen Lundgard, Associate Zone Medical Director for Fairview. “The arrival of Dr. Irianan would not have been possible without support from our local Fairview physicians, our elected representatives, and our Fairview community.”

In his spare time, Dr. Irianan enjoys soccer and playing chess, and is looking forward to learning how to golf.

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