AHS statement on amendment to court injunction

EDMONTON - A pre-emptive injunction against anyone who is organizing, promoting and/or attending an illegal public gathering that does not comply with Chief Medical Officer of Health Order requirements remains in place.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) was granted a pre-emptive injunction on May 6, 2021 in the Court of Queen’s Bench, against both the operator of the Whistle Stop Café, and all other organizers of advertised illegal gatherings and rallies that breach COVID-19 public health orders.

Following a request by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and consent of AHS, Associate Chief Justice John Rooke amended the May 6 order by removing the words “independently or to like effect”.

This wording change does not change anything in the order with respect to those individuals inciting and organizing others to breach the CMOH’s Orders with respect to large gatherings or protests.

AHS strongly condemns the intentional disobeying of COVID-19 public health restrictions.

It is extremely disappointing that people would knowingly put their fellow Albertans at risk by ignoring the current rules, particularly with increasing cases and the growing pressure on our healthcare system.

AHS Environmental Public Health continues to enforce the restrictions, in partnership with enforcement partners including but not limited to municipalities authorities, police, and RCMP.

AHS does not issue tickets or fines. Tickets, fines and criminal charges are under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. AHS does not grant or revoke businesses licenses – this is under the jurisdiction of municipalities.

AHS can, however, issue closure orders for continued or serious breaches of the public health restrictions. AHS has done this on several occasions during the pandemic and these can be found on the AHS website.