Subject Recruitment

Most AHS operational areas do not permit or prefers not to have researchers or research staff to directly approach patients/parents for research study participation. In order to respect patient privacy, AHS requests that a care provider for the patient or an AHS staff member (neither of whom are a member of the research team) provide the initial contact with the patient to first obtain permission for the researcher/research staff to talk to the patient/parent about participation in a study. The researchers should make clear that patient participation in the research study is voluntary and will not impact the patient’s quality of care received at AHS.

If you would like to recruit AHS staff as study subjects, please ask the manager of the clinical area(s) to send out an invitation to the staff on behalf of the researcher. The researchers need to make clear that participation is voluntary and will not affect their employment. Recruitment of physicians as study subjects should be arranged through the Zone Medical Affairs offices.