Alberta Wildfires Emergency Alert

Areas of Northern Alberta remain under mandatory evacuation orders or alerts. For details on affected communities visit Alberta Emergency Alert.

Updates from Alberta Health Services will be posted on our Wildfire Resources page. Updates from the Alberta government will be posted on their emergency page.

Strategy For Clinical Health Research, Innovation and Analytics

Research & Innovation

Our Goal: generate, share and use evidence in the delivery of care to improve patient outcomes and support our healthcare professionals and partners in solving healthcare issues of importance to Albertans.

AHS is committed to a healthcare system that takes into account the voices of those we serve, applying values-based decision-making, and leveraging research, information and innovation to achieve excellence.

In broad terms, research can be seen as a process by which data is collected and transformed into information, which is further refined into knowledge. And knowledge is the foundation on which quality healthcare depends.

The Clinical Health Research, Innovation and Analytics Strategy forms a foundation for AHS as a learning organization—an organization skilled at helping our people to create, acquire and transfer knowledge, to raise the standard of health, and care, delivered to all Albertans.