Fragility and Stability

The Fragility and Stability Working Group is comprised of clinicians, researchers, and patients dedicated to preventing and improving care for people with osteoporosis.

Their work focuses on the full continuum of care; prevention, hospital care for fractures, and care following a hip fracture.


This group works to create better ways of identifying and treating osteoporosis early.

The Prevention working group has successfully launched the Catch a Break project to help Albertans identify osteoporosis early.

Acute Surgical Pathway

The main objective of this group is to improve care for patients as they move from having surgery to returning home.

Currently, AHS aims for patients to have a five day stay in hospital after surgery, however there are often delays preventing patients from leaving, despite being medically ready to go home.

By addressing these concerns and consistently meeting the five day length of stay, an additional 24,000 inpatient bed days will be available each year. This will allow space for more hip surgeries and other medical procedures.

Restorative Care Pathway

This group is focused on the development of the Restorative Care Pathway.

This works expands care for hip fracture beyond the walls of the hospital and creates a smoother journey for patients by identifying the appropriate care at the right time and in the most efficient manner.

The pathway ensures supports in the community match patient needs and will contribute to better patient care, increase patient and family satisfaction, and reduce caregiver burnout.