Alberta Coding Access Targets for Surgery (ACATS)

Surgery SCN


The right treatment. The right time.

Alberta Coding Access Targets for Surgery (ACATS) is a Surgery Strategic Clinical Network (SSCN)-sponsored project aimed at helping surgeons deliver exceptional surgical care in a safe and timely manner.

As part of the SSCN’s Surgical Access vision, we want to help physicians deliver the right treatment at the right time, from the time a referral is made to the time a patient is discharged. ACATS is the first step in providing baseline data from the ready to treat date to the surgery date.



ACATS is an Alberta-developed, standardized coding system to help prioritize scheduled surgeries offered at facilities throughout the province, depending on a patient’s diagnosis and level of urgency.

ACATS provides a way to measure, monitor and manage wait lists for surgery. It helps patients understand their surgical wait times, surgeons deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time; and the health system support the highest quality, patient-centered care.

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