Alberta Childhood Asthma Pathways (ACAP)

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The Alberta Childhood Asthma Pathway (ACAP) is intended for Alberta-based health care professionals who care for children with acute asthma. It provides guidance on how to manage emergency and inpatient care for children aged 1-18 years, and is based on best available evidence. Developed by a multi-disciplinary group of health care professionals from throughout Alberta, this pathway and all related tools (including training videos) are developed for use by health care professionals.

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Health Provider Resources

Sample Forms


  • Pertinent workflows are now in Connect Care: all order sets, PRAM assessment, discharge prescriptions and asthma education checklist (under Pediatric Asthma Education). 
  • Reference documents continue to be available through DATA Group. Do not use sample forms.

Emergency Department and Urgent Care


Reference Tools

Note: All documents are available through DATA Group Do not use samples


Emergency Department & Urgent


PRAM Scoring Tool

Available in pocket-size cards:

Patient Resources
Training Modules & Videos

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Alberta Childhood Acute Pathways


Health Professional Videos

Featuring Kathy Courtney, RRT, CRE

  1. Basics of Asthma (13 minutes)
    • Pathophysiology
    • Goals of asthma treatment
    • Factors in asthma control
    • Types and purpose of medications
  2. ACAP Overview Part I (11 minutes)
    • Rationale for ACAP
    • PRAM scoring
    • Basic overview of ACAP forms
    • Protocols for mild ED/UCC
    • Self-management education resources
  3. ACAP Overview Part II (9 minutes)
    • Protocol for moderate
    • Asthma Education Checklist
    • Protocol for severe
    • Rationale for spacers
  4. ACAP Overview Part III (11 minutes)
    • Using ACAP Forms
    • Detailed review of orders, assessment, Rx Discharge, ED Checklist
    • Tailoring education to patients’ needs
    • Nuances of accurate diagnosis
    • Basic overview IP Protocol
  5. Medication Administration Techniques Part I (13 minutes)
    • MDIs and Spacers
    • EpiPen *Recall for Allerject – no longer available as of January 2016*
  6. Medication Administration Techniques Part II (10 minutes)
    • Nebulizer (including large volume), Spray, EpiPen

Emergency Physician Videos

Featuring Dr. David Johnson, Project Lead and Senior Medical Director for MNCY SCN

  1. Assessment – (6 minutes)
  2. Asthma Education – (5 minutes)
  3. Initial Therapy – (11 minutes)
  4. PRAM Score – (10 minutes)
  5. Why MDIs & Spacers – (10 minutes)
  6. Pathway Introduction – (11 minutes)

Inpatient Physician Video

Featuring Dr. Michelle Bailey, MSc., MD, FRCP(C) Section Chief, Hospital Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics

  1. Pediatric Asthma (approx. 50 minutes)