Local Stories & Current Work


Community Teams – Pandemic Response Case Studies

In a joint effort by the PHC IGSI Provincial team, and the local teams from participating communities, these case studies capture examples of how the Connecting People and Community for Living Well approach has looked during the pandemic. The case studies highlight how local rural community teams creatively found ways to work together to respond to the needs of older adults, especially those affected by dementia, in their respective communities during the global pandemic.

Connecting People and Community: Health Canada Project – Health Care Policy Contribution Program Grant

Interest in the PHC IGSI initiative has increased. Learnings from the pilot phase informed a successful proposal to Health Canada’s Health Care Policy Contribution Program (HCPCP) to further study and implement this community-based approach. The $1.4 million grant will support the continuation of this work in five rural communities over the course of 26-months (January 2020 through March 2022). Two main deliverables of this grant are:

  • Development of a scorecard to support measuring and monitoring wellbeing outcomes for persons living in the community with dementia, their family carers, and community coalitions; and
  • A primary health care competency framework designed to guide primary health care teams skill and knowledge development in order to support people affected by dementia to ‘live well’ in the community.

Local Community Stories

The participating communities have developed innovative approaches and supports that reflect each of their local contexts. These stories provide a description of their impact on the lives of older Albertans.