Strategic Clinical Networks

Alberta is leading the country in creating a learning and high-performing healthcare system that embeds research and innovation into daily practice. To get the most out of our healthcare system, AHS has developed networks of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific areas of health, challenging them to find new and innovative ways of delivering care that will provide better quality, better outcomes and better value for every Albertan.

Each network focuses on a vital area of health and provides a way for stakeholders and health partners to exchange ideas, align efforts and resources, and fully tap the potential of having a province-wide health system.

Alberta’s Strategic Clinical Networks: Scientific Office

Alberta’s Strategic Clinical Networks: Past, Present, Future

This 10-page report explains who the SCNs are, their partnerships, mission and role within the health system, and the processes by which they enable health system improvement and transformation. The document identifies seven areas of focus, shared priorities and an action plan for the networks over the next five years.

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Improving Health Outcomes: SCN Retrospective | 2012-2018

This report looks back on the SCNs, their evolution and contributions as part of Alberta’s health system. It highlights critical partnerships, value and return on investment.

Of the many good stories, we selected 10 SCN projects to profile that feature quality improvements and show how the networks are making a difference across the care continuum, improving the experience of patients and families and improving health outcomes for all Albertans.

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Individual Project Profiles