Strategic Clinical Networks

CMAJ Publications

The work of Alberta’s Strategic Clinical NetworksTM (SCNs) and AHS operations are featured in the latest Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) publication and associated Podcast. CMAJ is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes clinical research, commentaries, and analyses that impact healthcare and the practice of medicine for Canadians and the rest of the world.

Since launching seven years ago, SCNs have become an important resource for Alberta’s health system. By working together, we’re improving patient outcomes and experiences, the quality and safety of care, and ensuring appropriate, high-value care for all Albertans.

These accomplishments are evident across the health system and are making a difference in the lives of individual Albertans.

In November, two articles were published:

  • Clinical Networks: Enablers of Health System Change – Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ, 2019).
    This article reviews the evolution and impact of clinical networks internationally and critical success factors. It describes Alberta’s SCNs and highlights some key outcomes, challenges and learnings to date.
  • Alberta’s Strategic Clinical Networks: A roadmap for the future – Healthcare Management Forum (HCMF, 2019).
    This article describes what clinical networks are, explains how they are organized within Alberta, and how they enable health system improvement and transformation. It highlights shared areas of focus, and stakeholder-informed strengths and opportunities identified as part the process of creating the SCN Roadmap, an action plan for the next five years.

And, on December 4, a full CMAJ supplement was published, featuring 21 articles from the SCNs, our executive leadership team, and key network stakeholders, including AHS patient advisors and members of the AHS Innovation, Evidence and Impact Team.

These articles showcase the value of SCNs and their impact on health and healthcare in Alberta. They describe specific health challenges each SCN focuses on, key partnerships and collaborations, and strategic priorities. They also highlight key projects, outcomes and challenges SCNs have encountered and strategies used to overcome them.

Read the supplement and listen to the CMAJ podcast.