Connecting People & Community for Living Well

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What does it take to connect people and community?

Connecting People and Community for Living Well is a multi-sectoral initiative that relies heavily on local knowledge and expertise to improve care and supports for underserved populations across Alberta.

The team is grateful for the continued support and involvement of community teams and our provincial and national partners.

Community Teams

People with lived experience are a vital part of community teams, as are the diverse partners who contribute rich knowledge and experience from health care, community, social and public sectors. For each participating community, partnerships are unique and reflect the services and programs that exist locally.


Healthy Aging CORE

Healthy Aging Collaborative Online Resources and Education (CORE) is a free, member-based online hub that connects community organizations and partners who are interested in addressing priority areas related to healthy aging in community. It provides a space to share knowledge, resources and capacity-building opportunities, to facilitate collaboration and amplify the impact of initiatives that support healthy aging in Alberta.


Funding and Research Partners

This work has received funding and in-kind support from local, provincial and national organizations.

During the demonstration phase (2017-18), the Primary Health Care Integrated Geriatric Services Initiative provincial team partnered with the Seniors Health SCN, the Primary Health Care Integration Network, the Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta and the Northwest Territories, five Primary Care Networks, multi-sectoral dementia care partners, and numerous community teams.

Evidence of impact and learnings have led to a $1.4 million grant from Health Canada to further study and implement this community-based approach.