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Advancing Knowledge for Improved Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer in Alberta

Perspectives of Patients Diagnosed in Hospital and Individuals Closely Related to Them

Colorectal cancer is among the four cancers most prevalent in Alberta, and over a third of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer are diagnosed in the hospital. These patients are often diagnosed with later-stage cancer, which is associated with lower quality of life and reduced survival relative to patients diagnosed at earlier stages.

The Cancer SCN, in partnership with Unit 83 at the Rockyview General Hospital (Calgary), is conducting a study exploring factors that may explain why so many patients are diagnosed in hospital rather than in the community.

Community Assets Supporting Cancer Diagnosis

In Alberta, access to healthcare varies across communities. This study aims to understand which factors can affect a person's cancer diagnosis experience in newcomer and rural or remote communities. Understanding these factors can help improve access to healthcare resources by helping find better ways to support people in these communities during their cancer diagnosis.