Evidence Decision Support Program (EDSP)

Surgery SCN


The Evidence Decision Support Program (EDSP) is an interdisciplinary team that helps make evidence-informed decision regarding the introduction of new health technologies into the health system.

As part of the Surgery SCN, the EDSP is able to guide decisions on the responsible introduction of health technologies in context and encourages the best use for both patients and clinicians.

It is a collaborative effort that brings all key stakeholders into the conversation about safety, effectiveness, resources stewardships, feasibility, quality improvement, innovation, training and credentialing, equity and fairness.

The EDSP is at the interface between evidence-based medicine, health economics, organizational impact, values and decision making processes for advancing the effective uptake of knowledge into clinical practice when introducing new health technologies.


EDSP Advisory Committee Program Leads

Tara L Klassen, PhD
EDSP Research Scientist
Surgery SCN & Research Priorities and Implementation

Dr. Trevor Schuler
EDSP Physician Leader, Edmonton
Associate Professor of Surgery
Division of Urology, University of Alberta

Dr. Robert Hart
EDSP Physician Leader, Calgary
Professor of Surgery
Section Of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Advanced head and neck oncology/microvascular reconstruction, thyroid and parathyroid surgery