Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) Intake Services

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For information on how to access the service view Child and Adolescent Mental Health Intake Services

Referral Process

Parents may phone the CAMH Intake number or complete and fax in a referral form to the numbers provided. Professionals and service providers must complete and fax a referral form along with supporting documentation.

When a referral is made by someone other than the legal guardian, the legal guardian's consent is required. If a child psychiatrist or Children’s Mental Health Therapist is involved, the referral must be initiated by this professional.

When a referral is received, a telephone interview is scheduled with the child’s guardian and a mental health intake therapist. This interview takes up to 60 minutes and collects information required for triage including identification of the presenting problem, symptoms of mental health problems and illnesses, and the degree of risk.

Based on the information received, recommendation is made as to which service or program will be most suitable and/or beneficial in meeting the child’s needs. When clinical assessment and treatment with an Intake Service Partner is recommended, the child’s information is forwarded to the recommended service and a letter of confirmation sent to the family.

Parents will be contacted directly by the recommended service to set up an appointment time. Telephone numbers for Intake and Crisis Services will be provided to support children, youth and families waiting for clinical services.