The Cost of Healthy Eating in Alberta 

This series of reports presents an analysis of the cost and affordability of healthy eating in Alberta, as well as an overview of the causes, prevalence and impacts of household food insecurity. 

Target Audience

The target audience includes leaders, policy-makers, decision-makers, dietitians and other service providers who work in government, private, health and non-profit sectors. The reports are designed to assist these stakeholders in identifying social priorities and opportunities for action that may improve the livelihood of those households at higher risk for poor health outcomes.

The reports do not outline specific actions or nutrition guidance for the general public or for people who experience household food insecurity. Albertans can find resources that support healthy eating at and MyHealth Alberta.

The Reports

The Cost of Healthy Eating in Alberta
The Cost of Healthy Eating in Alberta outlines a conservative estimate of the average monthly cost of a basic, healthy diet for all Albertans who are two years of age and older. This report also presents an estimate of healthy food costs for specific communities across the province. Methodology for Implementation of the NNFB in Alberta is the appendix that describes the methodology used to calculate individual and household food costs.

The Affordability of Healthy Eating
The Affordability of Healthy Eating in Alberta illustrates how individuals and families at higher risk for household food insecurity cannot afford to follow a basic, healthy diet if they also wish to pay for other essential living expenses. This report also outlines actions to promote health equity and improve health and social outcomes for food insecure households in Alberta. Process for the Selection of Household Profiles is the appendix that describes the design of the five household profiles which best represent those Albertans at highest risk of household food insecurity. Determination of Household Incomes is the appendix that explains the methodology used to calculate the estimated total monthly income for each of these five household profiles.

Household Food Insecurity in Alberta: A Backgrounder
This backgrounder provides a detailed overview of the relationship between income, health and household food insecurity in Alberta.