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International Adoption Clinic, RAH

Contact & General Service Information

For Your Appointment

Give yourself plenty of time to find parking so you can arrive on time for your clinic appointment. If you are unable to arrive as expected, or need to cancel or rebook the appointment please call the clinic as soon as possible. Remember to bring your child’s Alberta Healthcare card and a piece of photo ID.


Finding Us

Located at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

We are located on the second floor of the Children’s Centre at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Enter the main floor of the Children’s Centre and take the elevators up to the second floor, upon exiting the elevator proceed directly into the clinic through the double doors to the check in desk.

What to Expect

Appointment length is 60-90 minutes. Appointment times will be coordinated with the clinic occupational therapist, thereby possibly extending the time your child is in clinic. You are welcome to bring snacks or drinks for your child if required.

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