Surgical Contracts


Alberta Health Services (AHS) has the responsibility for the planning and delivery of health services in the Province of Alberta. With this responsibility, AHS can either provide services directly or contract with service providers who meet AHS requirements. The agreements listed on this page augment the staff and resources of AHS facilities through:

The objective of AHS is to ensure that sufficient and appropriate services are provided to improve the health status of the Alberta communities in the province.

Clinics must meet the same standards as hospitals for quality assurance, patient satisfaction, reporting on services provided, reporting of incidents and patient concerns, physician qualifications and compliance with Medical Staff Bylaws. Furthermore, all Chartered Surgical Facilities must follow the rules set forth in Alberta’s Health Facilities Act (HFA) and HFA Regulation regarding the sale of enhanced medical goods and services.

Current Contracts (Health Facilities Act Service Agreements)

Last updated - April 2024


General Surgery


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery



Plastic Surgery

Pregnancy Termination

Annual Reports