Our Goal

Cancer Research & Analytics

To accelerate knowledge into action to reduce cancer risk and create better health, experiences and futures for Albertans facing the disease.


  • Conduct, support and promote research and nurture a culture of enquiry
  • Work close to clinical practice
  • House critical and massive data assets that can be linked
  • Provide expertise to interpret complex data
  • Strive to improve the health of Albertans and the health system itself

Strategic Initiatives 2018-2022

  • Build research capacity by improving access to Alberta’s cancer data and analytic expertise
  • Guide researchers to navigate the health system and support their work, from initiation to completion
  • Investigate cancer research priorities in consultation with national and international experts
  • Engage cancer patients and those who care for them in research to share their perspectives and needs
  • Forge partnerships to enhance funding for priority cancer research
  • Pursue efficient, sustainable ways to reduce the burden of cancer
  • Move knowledge to action through collaborations with cancer agencies, policy makers and other key stakeholders
  • Evaluate initiatives for outcome and impact

For More Information:

Cancer Research & Analytics Portfolio Overview