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Cancer Research & Analytics

Accelerating Cancer Research into Action

Created in 2018, the Cancer Research & Analytics (CR&A) portfolio was conceived as a scientific investigative hub with a direct line of sight to the people most closely affected by the disease. Embedded within Cancer Care Alberta in Alberta Health Services (AHS) – Canada’s first and largest province-wide, fully-integrated health system – CR&A has unique proximity to clinical practice, raising and answering important patient-focused research questions across the entire cancer continuum.

From discovering more about how the disease starts and progresses, to better prevention and earlier detection, to providing more targeted treatment and stronger support for patients, families and caregivers, CR&A researchers and data experts are exploring impactful, innovative, and sustainable ways to help people in Alberta who face cancer now, and in the years ahead.

Much of the work undertaken by Cancer Research & Analytics will complement the current Transformational Road Map and priority areas identified by the Cancer Strategic Clinical Network (SCN). The synergy between Cancer Research & Analytics and the Cancer SCN will help accelerate innovation in cancer care across the continuum.

CR&A’S Dual & Intertwined Goals

  1. To conduct and support innovative cancer research
  2. To provide advanced analytics expertise to accurately interpret the massive health data assets available within Alberta and beyond

Cancer Research & Analytics Infographic