Work Experience

Work Experience


Earn credit toward your high school diploma while pursuing a wide variety of work experience options within Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Follow the steps below to get started!

Please note: As AHS continues to work through the challenges of COVID-19, Job Shadows and Observational Experience are open on a limited basis to ensure control measures are met, risk is mitigated and operations is supportive.

Getting started is as easy as ready, set, go!

This is a great way to explore careers and find the right one for you! Your AHS host will ensure that you are provided with a valuable experience that provides a realistic look at the career you want to explore.

Ready? Before you start the Work Experience:

Set? Preparing for the Work Experience:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to find their own AHS host. Use the Find Healthcare page (or an internet search engine) to contact facilities you are interested in setting up a work experience assignment with. When you contact a facility, ask to speak with the manager of the unit or department, they are aware of the work experience process and can help find hosts for interested applicants. Please respect the decision of the manager to decline an opportunity if they are not capable of accommodating at this time.

  • Meet with your parent(s) and Off Campus Coordinator to discuss the many unique opportunities within AHS.
  • The Off Campus Education Coordinator will complete the Work Experience Planning Tool which is designed to assist with these discussions.
  • Your Off Campus Coordinator, you, your parent(s) and your AHS host will agree on the details of your work experience assignment.
  • The Off Campus Agreement is sent to AHS.
  • Complete the Work Experience Prerequisites.

Go! Work Experience Commencement:

You are ready to begin your work experience at AHS!