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AHS Information & Privacy provides privacy education and training to AHS employees and other affiliates.


  • This training is for AHS affiliates who require privacy training to gain access to the AHS network. AHS does not track completion of this training and we are unable to provide certificates of completion or troubleshooting advice. College and technical school students should contact their instructor directly if they require assistance.
  • AHS physicians must complete privacy training using MyLearningLink, accessible on Insite. Do not use Safari. There are known browser compatibility issues with Safari that result in eLearning not marking as complete. If you are using a MAC, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser.
  • If you are applying for Medical Staff appointment, complete this training module and continue as requested.

Information Privacy & IT Security Awareness

AHS Affiliates & Contractors, in order to gain access to the AHS network, affiliates of AHS must complete mandatory privacy training.

  1. Watch Video: AHSecure. Collect IT. Protect IT.
  2. Complete Online Learning Module: Information Privacy & IT Security Awareness
  3. Submit Signed Confidentiality and User Agreement
    On the last page of the module to your supervisor, Zone Medical Affairs Office, Educational Institution Liaison or repository owner

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about the messages or about your responsibilities, contact Information & Privacy at

AHS Confidentiality & User Agreement

After you have completed the learning module, you will be prompted to fill out an AHS Confidentiality and User Agreement. You must submit this certificate to one of the following:

  • Volunteers submit to your Volunteer Resources Coordinator
  • Researcher submit to the Repository Owner that you signed your Research Agreement with
    Student or Educator submit to your Educational Institution Liaison
  • Board Members submit to the Board Office
  • Midwives submit to the Provincial Midwifery Administrative Office (PMAO)
  • Contracted Affiliates or Subsidiaries submit to your manager/supervisor for submission. Managers and supervisors of contracted affiliates or subsidiaries are to manage the agreements as identified in the contract. If you are uncertain please contact your contract holder or signatory for clarification.

AHS Employees, Medical Staff, Medical Students, and Residents are to complete the training on MyLearningLink (Insite) and sign the Confidentiality and User Agreement as part of the training.

HIA Awareness

Overview of Alberta’s Health Information Act, including individual rights of access, collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of health information. Recommended for all AHS clinical & clinical support services personnel who work with health information in their job duties. Approximately 60 minutes in length.

AHS personnel must access the module through MyLearningLink (Insite).

Contractors may access the module below:

FOIP Awareness

Overview of Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), including individual rights of access, collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of personal and AHS business information. It also addresses employee responsibilities when responding to a formal FOIP request.

Recommended for all AHS people who work with personal or AHS business information in their job duties. Approximately 60 minutes in length. Access through MyLearningLink (Insite).

Custom Privacy Training

Custom in-person and remote privacy training is available for teams by contacting

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