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North Zone Nurse Locum Program

A placement through the North Zone Registered Nurse/Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RN/RPN) Locum Program is an exciting opportunity to diversify your knowledge and explore northern Alberta.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) have a unique agreement that provides nurses a chance to gain experience in a variety of practice settings including Acute Care, Emergency, Intensive Care, Operating Room, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Continuing Care, Home Care, Public Health and Psychiatry by matching nurses with northern Alberta communities based on their experience, availability, and location preferences.

Nurses have the opportunity to experience unique cases and beautiful locations, while patients benefit from the additional knowledge and expertise of trained nurses coming to their area. It’s a win-win solution that you can feel good about.

How to Apply

Please visit our online job board and search for 'Travel Nurse' to apply or e-mail to learn more about the program.

Successful applicants will be notified and then placed upon a roster and contacted when North Zone work opportunities matching the candidate’s skills, experience and work preferences become available.

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Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to participate this program if you:

  • Are registered, or eligible to be registered, to practice as a RN or RPN in the province of Alberta
  • Have at least one year of applicable nursing experience – two years of experience is preferred
  • Are able to travel and work in the North Zone of AHS

You are not required to make a maximum time commitment in order to participate in the program, but there is a minimum assignment of 3 weeks. While on a locum placement, your shift hours and shift rotation cycle will follow the existing collective agreement. While the length of assignment can vary depending upon site need, the average length is approximately six weeks.


Aside from the benefit of working within a broad inter-professional team, RNs and RPNs are able to work to their full scope of practice, treating patients throughout the continuum of care. Being part of the locum program also offers various financial incentives, including:

  • Compensation of $38.44 to $50.45 per hour
  • Temporary premium payment of $25.00 per hour on top of regular wage
  • Temporary daily payment of $50.00 for each day on assignment (excluding Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray)
  • A per diem allowance of $25.40 for each day on assignment
  • Reimbursement for travel costs
  • Accommodation provided by the program at no cost

Covering a vast expanse of the province, Alberta’s north offers exceptional lifestyle opportunities. The extra-long summer days deliver ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors: hiking, biking, and riding horseback or ATVs along thousands of kilometres of trails, or enjoy fishing, swimming, or paddling along northern waterways. Winter sports are also hugely popular and locals enjoy skiing, skating, ice-fishing or snowmobiling through the varied terrain. From prairie grasslands to dense boreal forest, you’ll find yourself immersed in communities with unique cultures that are all their own.

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“I have always worked in big hospitals and was very specialized. When I came as a locum it’s a totally different way of nursing. You really get to know your patients, the community and different cultures from around the world.”

Barb, completed various locums

“I just really fell in love with the area. It’s nice to have that diversified experience you get working in the North. That’s what appealed to me. You get a little bit of everything from trauma, cardiac, pediatrics, obstetrics, health teaching and a lot of mentoring.”

Audrey, former locum nurse