Rehabilitative or Restorative Care

Continuing Care

Alberta Continuing Care Act Effective April 1, 2024

References to continuing care (including home care, designated supportive living, long term care and hospice) may not reflect the updated language or terms found in the new Alberta Continuing Care Act effective April 1, 2024. Refer to the Continuing Care Glossary for definitions.

What is Rehabilitative or Restorative Care?

Rehabilitative or restorative care:

  • is specialized care that is delivered in a variety of settings.
  • can be provided in home, or in specialized units in supportive living, long-term care facilities or acute care hospitals.
  • focuses on maximizing an optimal level of functioning, enabling clients to regain/retain their independence following the debilitating effects of illness or injury.

Clients could be transferred to an appropriate rehabilitative or restorative care setting from acute care or from a community referral.

Who is Rehabilitative or Restorative Care For?

  • Clients who no longer need an acute level of care, but whose care requirements prevent them from being able to go home or to an alternative level of care (e.g. supportive living).
  • Rehabilitative or Restorative Care is for client’s who:
    • Require nursing care on a 24-hour basis;
    • Are able and willing to participate in a rehabilitation or restorative program;
    • Have the potential for improvement in functional status and/or will transfer to an alternate level of community care;
    • Have medical and clinical needs within the capacity of the rehabilitative or restorative unit.
  • Rehabilitative or restorative clients do not require intensive diagnostic testing, invasive procedures or significant specialist consultation.

Professional Referral Required

  • A doctor’s referral is needed as well as an assessment by the appropriate therapists.

Who Provides Care in Rehabilitative or Restorative Care?

  • Service providers may include dietitians, doctors, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physical therapists, recreational therapists, registered nurses, social workers, speech-language pathologists.
  • Regardless of location, clients in rehabilitative or restorative care units shall have the same access to acute care assessment and diagnostic services.