Registration, Switchboard & Patient Information

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Registration, including pre-registration, is often the patient's first point of entry into the health care system. Registration teams are responsible for uniquely identifying and verifying patient identity in order to enter their demographic and financial information into the registration system, often referred to as the Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) system.

Switchboard is a telecommunication function that supports patients, the public and staff access to services throughout AHS. Switchboard teams offer this service using various technologies and models across multiple sites. Calls are answered by a member of the switchboard team and transferred to the appropriate area within a set time. Switchboard staff are primarily responsible for call routing, paging and announcing hospital codes and alarms.

Patient Information, also known as Wayfinding, is a personalized service provided by HIM staff to assist patients and visitors in their navigation of AHS facilities. Patient Information team members will help visitors find patient rooms, locate areas for patient appointments and, generally, guide customers through the facility.

Provincial Registration Standards & Practices Courses

The AHS and Alberta Health Provincial Registration Standards and Practices (PRSP) harmonize registration standards and practices across the health sector to ensure positive client/person identification through the adoption of registration standards and practices contributing to improved patient safety; reduced patient misidentifications and reduced duplicate patient identities and charts creations.

AHS Staff

To obtain proof of course completion for Required Organizational Learning (ROL), AHS staff must complete these eLearning modules on MyLearningLink, accessible on Insite.

Non-AHS staff can access the PRSP eLearning modules using the links below. These courses are provided for information only and do not generate a certificate of completion or other proof of course completion.

Important: If you are accessing the modules from a Non-AHS facility, open the Provincial Registration, Standards and Practices Manual, from the Alberta Government website, before starting the courses.

Ukrainian Evacuee Registration Process

Alberta Health has initiated a program to facilitate the provision of health care services for Ukrainian evacuees. Evacuees who arrive in Alberta will be given the opportunity to apply for eligibility to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Program (AHCIP). This card will look the same as a regular AHCIP card and contain their Provincial Health Number but will include the statement ‘For Use in Alberta Only’ printed at the bottom with an expiry date of March 28, 2023. This card will give the evacuees access to program benefits and ensure they are not billed for any health services received up to the expiry date of their coverage.

A process has been developed to help guide registration staff to identify Ukrainian evacuees, complete registration and track each patient as they present to an AHS facility, partner or subsidiaries. This process may also be used by a private physician’s office or non-AHS facility such as private diagnostic imaging.