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Alberta Cancer Line (Health professionals & physicians only) 1-888-432-8865

Practitioner Advocacy Assistance Line 1-866-225-7112

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Access staff resources such as e-People, RLS, and ROCA. Sign into the AHS portal with your email username and password.

Connect Care

A common provincial clinical information system. Visit Connect Care – Health Professionals to access the latest information, tools and resources.

Medical Staff

Visit our Medical Staff section for clinical and professional resources for physicians, dentists, etc

Acts & Legislation
Education & Courses

Evaluation of the Flinders Program for Chronic Care Management
This review of post-workshop evaluations from 20 Flinders Care Planning workshops was conducted from April 2008 through to June 2009.

Patient/Care-Based Funding Long-Term Care User Summary 
A summary overview of Patient/Care-Based Funding (PCBF) for Long Term Care (LTC) for those interested in its background development. The summary includes: AHS rational rationale for using PCBF as a foundation for equitable funding; PCBF goals; an explanation of funding model accountabilities; data monitoring and review processes.

Pharmaceutical automated identification initiative
HQCA endorses Joint Technical Statement on Canadian Pharmaceutical Automated Identification and Product Database Requirements.

Safety Engineered Devices
Safety Engineered Devices (SED) are required to be available and utilized within all healthcare settings in Alberta as legislated by the Government of Alberta, Occupational Health and Safety Code.

Self-Management and Complex Care Planning Workbook
Using the Comprehensive Care Plan as an example, this self-management support resource describes a process to improve care planning and provides sample interview questions that will help involve patients.

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