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Emergency Strategic Clinical NetworkTM


Current Projects

Bup/Nal Initiation | Clinical Governance | Nursing Education | Prevention of Harassment and Violence

Buprenorphine/Naloxone Initiation in EDs and UCCs

Many individuals who live with Opioid Use Disorder visit emergency departments (ED) and Urgent Care Centres (UCC) because of an overdose, withdrawal symptoms, or other issues related to opioid use. The Emergency SCN has implemented a province-wide strategy to screen and initiate bup-nal for eligible ED/UCC patients.


Clinical Governance Documents

The Emergency SCN is committed to the creation of provincially harmonized policies, protocols, and procedures for use within Alberta’s ED/UCC environments.


Emergency Nursing Provincial Education Program

The ESCN is working closely with Health Professions Strategy & Practice to provide standardize orientation and ongoing training for all of Alberta’s ED/UCC nursing staff.

Prevention of Harassment and Violence

The ESCN is aware of and is seeking to address the issue of violence in the ED/UCC workplace. In conjunction with Workplace Health & Safety, we are planning a variety of responses to help keep our ED/UCC workers safe.



Past Projects

Patient Experience | Long Term Care

Improving the Patient Experience

Improving communication with patients in the ED/UCC settings is a priority. The ESCN is working to provide a patient journey map to help explain the ED/UCC journey in plain language. This work also includes providing signage that acknowledges Indigenous Peoples and the ancestral land upon which we provide our services.


Reducing Transfers from Long Term Care Facilities to the Emergency Department

This initiative provided direction in care of Long Term Care (LTC) residents in times of medical urgency more appropriately, and sought to reduce unnecessary risks associated with transfers to Emergency Departments.