Strategic Clinical Network

The ESCN is a group of health care professionals and patients working together across the province to improve emergency services in Alberta.

We are working to improve the patient and family journey through emergency care from the time they seek care until the time the patient is discharged or admitted, and continuing to look for new ways to make the best use of our resources, improve access to emergency care and make sure all Albertans receive high quality care.

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For more information visit us on the AHS staff website (Insite) and enter ‘Emergency SCN’ into the search field.


Email: emergency.scn@ahs.ca

Getting Involved

Ideas and input of all stakeholders, including patients and families, are welcome:

To learn more, or become more involved, contact emergency.scn@ahs.ca

Network Members

Network Leadership

Dr. Brian Holroyd
Senior Medical Director

Sherri Kashuba
Senior Provincial Director

Dr. Eddy Lang
Scientific Director

Dr. Patrick McLane
Assistant Scientific Director

Marlene Wheaton-Chaston
Executive Director

Andrew Fisher
Clinical Network Manager

Ken Scott
Senior Consultant

Marnie Connell
Executive Assistant

Leila Davey
Administrative Support

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Projects, Priorities

Transformational Roadmaps




  • Buprenorphine/Naloxone Initiation in Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres Program
  • Development and standardization of Emergency Clinical Knowledge
  • Standardized Provincial Emergency Nursing Education
  • Harmonization of Provincial Emergency Policies
  • Data and Performance Measurement supporting strategy and improvement in delivery of emergency patient care
  • Building research capacity and research partnerships, and engagement of stakeholder in activities related to research and innovation


  • Maximized Access, Flow and Capacity
  • Optimize People and Resources
  • Respond to the Needs of Our Patient Populations
  • Standardized Evidence Informed Care
  • Research and Innovation
  • Partner as Problem Solvers and Innovators



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