Clinical Governance Documents

Emergency Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

The ESCN Clinical Governance Documents Working Group (CGDWG) was formed to support this work and includes operational/front line members from across the province and zone-designated representation from EDs and UCCs (rural and urban).

In order to bring about effective harmonized provincial documents, we work directly with:

  • Policy Services
  • Health Professions Strategies & Practice
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • others

The Clinical Governance Documents work aligns with Strategic Direction # 3 of ESCN’s Transformational Roadmap to improve the experience and safety of our people by ensuring standardized/harmonized policy and guidance documents. 

Our Goal

To create an efficient, effective and sustainable infrastructure to support the development, implementation and maintenance of provincial emergency clinical governance.

Work to Date

The CGDWG has focused primarily on nursing protocols that enable frontline workers to provide prompt patient care and initiate certain diagnostic testing when there may be a delay in physician or nurse practitioner initial assessment.

The CGDWG has completed many governance documents that span the province’s ED/UCCs. The group continues to work on multiple new documents to meet site needs.

There is great need for this work as we move to a single provincial clinical information system (Connect Care). All of these provincially approved documents will be housed within the Connect Care build for use in all ED/UCCs.