Scientific Advisory Group COVID-19 Recommendations


The AHS COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group ended operations as of December 31, 2022, due to reduced requests for information that could not be addressed by other groups, combined with an increased collective understanding of COVID-19 among decision-makers. Posted reports will remain available to the public, but are not scheduled for updates. The reviews synthesize and assess evidence that was current at time of posting and have not been altered or updated since January 1, 2023. Prior to use, readers are advised to confirm the date that that the review was posted and the date of the literature search.

AHS’ Scientific Advisory Group connected with clinicians, operational leaders, researchers and other experts to review emerging evidence and guidance from national and international bodies to provide information for focused areas of healthcare in relation to COVID-19. These resources were created to provide research-informed advice to AHS physicians, staff, patients and families.

For more information about the Scientific Advisory Group as it operated from April 2020 to December 2022, please see the terms of reference, rapid review report methodology and rapid evidence brief methodology. Rapid review reports were produced within several weeks and received full committee review. Rapid evidence briefs were produced in under a week and received a modified review process to accommodate reduced timelines. 

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