Action on Emergency Department Lengths of Stay

Your source for current, accurate information on the progress being made to improve emergency care for all Albertans.

Transparency is important. That is why Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Alberta Health (AH) invite you to track the progress being made at some of the province’s biggest and busiest emergency departments.

Updated length-of-stay statistics from Edmonton and Calgary emergency departments are posted here by the middle of each week, reflecting the previous week’s data. For more information please see our Performance Measures webpage for measures, including details for additional sites.

There are approximately 2 million visits paid to Alberta emergency departments every year. The challenge of meeting this demand is compounded by spikes in emergency department visits – during influenza season, for instance – that can stress the overall health system.

In January 2014, AHS introduced 16 annual performance measures. These measures align with national health care standards and benchmarks and provide AHS with a better understanding of how the Alberta health system is performing compared to the rest of Canada. They provide a more balanced snapshot across the spectrum of care we provide and include measures for acute care as well as those for community-based care.

These measures are held as standards in health care and we report them publicly on our website to show Albertans how we are doing compared to other provinces. The three Emergency Department (ED) performance measures with targets for the province, zone and sites are:

  • ED Wait Time to see a Physician
  • ED Length of Stay for Admitted Patients
  • ED Length of Stay for Discharged Patients

Albertans are invited to provide feedback and/or share their ideas on how to improve emergency care by emailing us at

Quick Reference

How to Read the Charts

The charts show how specific emergency departments are faring on a weekly basis over the past 24 months in length of stay for discharged and for admitted patient categories. Each solid line represents results for a single hospital. Upward solid lines indicate improving performance.

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