Performance Measures

In July 2017, AHS publicly released the 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan, which is the principle guiding and strategic document for AHS. As we move forward with the goals and objectives outlined in the 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan, we recognize the need to track and measure our progress and success as a healthcare organization.

AHS creates a performance report each quarter as part of our accountability requirements to Alberta Health and also to share our progress with Albertans. We currently track 13 measures which align with the 12 objectives outlined in the AHS 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan.

These 13 performance measures are used to monitor how our health system is performing. 11 measures are reported quarterly and two are reported annually and will be included in the year-end AHS Annual Report. Definitions of the performance measures can be found here.

There are a number of additional measures AHS monitors to help inform other areas of the health system. These Monitoring Measures do not have targets; however they are familiar and of interest to Albertans. They include a broad range of indicators that span the continuum of care, such as population and public health; primary care; continuing care; mental health; cancer care; emergency department; and surgery. AHS continues to monitor these measures to help support priority-setting and local decision-making. These additional measures are tactical as they inform the performance of an operational area or reflect the performance of key drivers of strategies not captured in the Health Plan.

In areas where we have already met or exceeded targets, we will continue to strive for more improvement. We are focused on areas that still need work.