Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB)
in Schools Initiative

About the Initiative

Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) works to promote positive mental health in children, youth and families in the communities where they live.

The initiative is based on research and best practice that demonstrates that mental and emotional wellbeing can be developed, nurtured and supported through promotion and prevention efforts.

MHCB programming builds capacity of knowledge and skills, and bolsters protective factors in children and youth so they can achieve the best possible health outcomes across their lifespan.

Quick Facts

  • Most MHCB programs serve rural and remote communities.
  • MHCB programs operate 12 months of the year.
  • MHCB team members work within school and community settings to:
    • Facilitate incremental skill-building programs.
    • Introduce and practice coping skills and tools.
  • MHCB promotes mental, emotional, and social well-being, and protects against negative outcomes by bolstering resilience through skill development using the following universal programming:
    • AHS Mental Health Kits
    • Second Step
    • Kimochis
    • Mind Up
    • Go To Educator
    • Mindful Schools

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