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Collecting and using high-quality, reliable health data – and drawing accurate conclusions from massive, complex databases – requires expertise.

Within Cancer Research & Analytics, experienced scientists are gathering and analyzing data on health and lifestyle, cancer incidence, diagnoses, treatment, and survivorship to better support people in Alberta facing cancer today, and in the future.

Future Directions: Data Environment for Cancer Inquiries and Decisions (DECIDe)

Anticipation of new and emerging opportunities in collecting, warehousing, and analyzing cancer patient data is the inspiration behind the upcoming Data Environment for Cancer Inquiries and Decisions (DECIDe). DECIDe will streamline data integration, access, and usability across several existing platforms and will be developed by Cancer Research & Analytics in collaboration with AHS Data and Analytics and other key stakeholders.

The new data environment will capitalize on the ongoing implementation of Connect Care, a province-wide clinical information system (CIS) which will provide a single electronic health record (EHR) for every AHS patient in Alberta.

Read the summary of what DECIDe offers, which explains why we're creating it.

This infographic depicts the range of data sources to be linked in the upcoming DECIDe:

Surveillance & Reporting Infographic