Healthy minds and healthy lives

Psychologists help people cope with things they may be struggling with, including stressful situations, mental illness, addiction, or relationship issues. Psychologists also help people better understand themselves and others in how they think, feel, and behave as they go through the world.

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$43.38 - $69.50 per hour

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Master's degree or PhD in psychology


  • Diagnose and treat emotional or adjustment problems in children, youth, or adults
  • Providing psychological assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and program application
  • Assess and treat the psychological factors associated with physical health problems
  • Performing screening and intake procedures, administering and interpreting psychological tests
  • Providing psychological interventions, facilitating referrals and participating in formal research programs

Make a Difference

  • Teach people how to better cope with life’s challenges and transitions
  • Improve people’s well-being by helping them address mental health and addiction issues
  • Help people better understand themselves and others through diagnostic tools, tests, and assessments
  • Develop or enhance standards of practice, training programs, and program delivery
  • Increase awareness and reduce stigma toward mental health and addiction issues

Work Collaboratively

  • Work with patients and families
  • Collaborate with other mental health professionals, counsellors, and treatment specialists as part of a holistic, interdisciplinary team
  • Partner and collaborate with external organizations, institutions, and communities
  • Work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities

Grow Your Career

  • Work with increasingly complex patient pathologies and issues
  • Specialize in a particular subject area or patient group, from youth to seniors, trauma recovery, LGBTQ2S+, eating disorder, addiction, and more
  • Additional training and certification
  • Become a program, team, or clinical lead
  • Healthcare leadership and management
  • Health system administration


Additional Information

To learn more about a career as a psychologist in our province visit Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS).