Alberta Pharmacy Practice Residency

Alberta Health Services (AHS) offers nine positions in Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board accredited programs across the province. (Three positions are offered within the Edmonton Zone, three positions within the Calgary Zone, two positions within Cancer Care and one position with Central Zone). All four programs offer a variety of training and educational opportunities to help enhance the theories and skills developed in the pharmacy undergraduate programs. Successful completion of the residency program gives the equivalent of several years of experience due to the structured learning opportunities.

A resident successfully completing a pharmacy practice residency within AHS will demonstrate:

  • commitment to improving care of patients
  • the application of pharmaceutical care to various patient groups
  • an expanded knowledge base in the areas of institutional pharmacy practice, rational and economic use of drug therapy, and the role of drug therapies in the management of patients’ medical problems
  • the ability to critically evaluate the medical and pharmaceutical literature when responding to drug information requests, and when managing individual patient medical problems
  • advanced administrative skills in time management, working effectively with people in the department and organization
  • communication & teamwork skills effectively as members of the healthcare team and the pharmacy department team
  • teaching skills to patients, other health care providers, pharmacy staff and students
  • research development in some area of drug therapy or hospital pharmacy practice
  • a commitment to continual self-directed learning

Minimum Required Credentials

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (or equivalent). Eligible for registration on the Clinical Register with the Alberta College of Pharmacists. Applicants must be eligible to write the Pharmacist Qualifying exam with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada at time of application.

Application Information

Application information can be found on the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) website. Applications are due in the fall of each year, with decisions in early January. Applicants apply directly to the programs they are interested in, and must participate in the national matching program through CSHP.

Residency Graduates

Graduates of our program receive a certificate from AHS, Pharmacy Services, as well as the designation of ACPR (Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Resident). A number of residents have received the Alberta Pharmacy Practice Residency Award. A portion of residents have pursued advance training such as a Pharm D degree. Many have continued their careers within AHS in a variety of clinical team settings. Some have leadership roles, aiding in mentoring and training staff, residents and students. Several residents have published articles and case reports in peer-reviewed journals.

Contact Information

Dr. Tania Mysak